What is FMT?

Freedom Machine Tool is a line of industrial 3 Axis CNC Routers fully built and supported in Colorado Springs, CO, USA. Available in 4'x4', 4'x8' and 5'x10' table sizes designed for production environments across a wide variety of industries.

Who Are We?

 Freedom Machine Tool is proudly built and supported by Diversified Machine Systems in Colorado Springs. We have over 100 years of combined CNC experience and have seen it all. From developing custom 5 axis CNC routers large enough for an airplane to be worked on to delivering cutting edge machinery to some of the worlds largest companies such as Google, we are a proven CNC manufacturer across a wide variety of industries.
Why Freedom Machine Tool?
We introduced the FMT so we can package the same precision and robustness that the largest manufacturers demand and bring that to smaller workshops and factories. The high end components within the FMT translate into a long term, dependable machine tool that offers your business the ability to stop creating parts, and begin true production.
1068 Elkton Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80907, U.S.A.


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