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Why You Need It
The Patriot 4x4 CNC router brings high quality and durability to a small workspace. Every FMT CNC router is produced in Colorado Springs, CO at our world headquarters where we handle everything from welding the frame together to assembling the various components and finally conducting quality control cuts. Every FMT comes with lifetime technical support so you can rest easy knowing we have you covered for the life of your machine.

brianraynorBrian with Freedom Machine Tool proved to be a very knowledgeable CNC machinist and an excellent trainer. He strictly walked us through the training regimen while giving us insight into the great potential of Orthorout both within and outside the orthotics industry. The training manual and ancillary notes were incredibly useful not only and training but as reference point after he left. This helped us at Soley Orthotics to better understand the machine's operations and thus our operation of it.

– Brian Raynor // Owner, Soley Orthotics

davis whitehallPrior to purchasing this machine, I had searched for over 2 years for a small format CNC machine that had an automatic tool changer and an easy to use on-board tool height adjustment feature. How nice not to have to use a probe to set the tool height when changing cutters. It has some of the same features found on machines costing over twice the cost. We needed to find a machine with a small footprint, since we have limited space in our facility. I am pleased to say that this machine has operated flawlessly since day 1. Freedom Machine Tool's dedication to quality and customer service is unsurpassed. Even with our current economic conditions, this machine has allowed us to expand and grow our business with new and innovative products.
– Terry School // Owner, Davis-Whitehall
BenBlechaFreedom Machine Tool’s CNC tech, Brian, broke down our machine to make it easy to understand and to operate. He was very patient yet wasted no time getting us up and going, and confident in the operation of our cutter.
– Ben // Owner, Sky Prosthetics & Ace Ortho Solutions



Patriot 4x4 Machine Details & Options

3-Axis, Moving Gantry Design - 4' x 4' Work Area

Rigid Steel Frame

7 inch Z-axis (More Upon Request)

Fagor 8037 Controller

Ethernet TCP / IP, USB and Serial Port Connections

Fagor Industrial AC Servo Motors and Amplifiers on all Axes

Ball Screw Drive Assembly on all Axes

220 Volt 3-phase Power

Dust Collection Hood for Spindle

Lifetime Technical Support

Parts Warranty

Professional Installation & Training

Machine FAQs

Where is the FMT CNC Router built?

All FMT machines are built in Colorado Springs, CO at our world headquarters. We handle everything from welding the frame to installing the electrical components entirely in-house. This allows us to provide you with a machine that is truly of superior quality and durability.

What if you have a question after purchase?

Every FMT machines comes with lifetime technical support standard. This means that if you run into any problems you can simply give us a call and an experienced technician will help you get back to producing. 

How do we create the FMT frame?

The FMT frame is truly a marvel in this price range. We first start by importing the raw steel (all from North America) and then proceed to weld together the frame based on the size you need. The next step is to stress relieve the welded frame in-house and send the frame off to paint (also in-house). We then do a final check on the frame to ensure everything is to the correct specifications and then proceed to the next step. A critical component of every FMT frame is the thick steel we use and the over abundance of weld points throughout the frame. We realize we could save time by doing the bare minimum but nothing on the FMT is anything less than world class.

Ball screws or rack-n-pinion?

All axes are driven by a reciprocating ball screw assembly. The ball screw keeps it’s accuracy longer than a rack-n-pinion system and is the ideal choice for this size of machine.

Why the Industrial Fagor Control?

We utilize Fagor control systems on every machine we build. We have over 1,000 active machines currently using Fagor and have extensive knowledge of the control system. The industrial control is designed to run your CNC and made for a production environment. We often see other companies advertise an "industrial PC control" and while it may be appealing to go with a keyboard and mouse, you can do everything on the Fagor control with a greater degree of accuracy as well as processing speed. We choose to use the same Fagor controls in the FMT machines that we have become known for across Fortune 500 companies and large production shops. They demand the Fagor industrial control and we know it is the right choice for any production CNC environment.

Do you need CNC experience before using the FMT?

Every install is completed by an experienced technician that will walk you through everything you need to know in order to operate the machine. We do not expect you to know how to use the machine and take it upon ourselves to teach you and your staff. The FMT is easy to use and easy to service.

What sets FMT apart from the rest?

Buying an FMT is more than buying a high quality machine. Buying an FMT means you get all the benefits of purchasing from an experienced company at a price that is affordable. FMT is the only CNC in it's class to offer over 35 years of CNC experience as well as experience producing on a world stage. Diversified Machine Systems is a premier CNC manufacturer and has strong relationships with Autodesk, HSD, Fagor, Mastercam, Bosch, Vectric, and many others-all working together to provide you with a CNC experience you cannot get anywhere else.

Do we offer financing?

We work with Anthem Capital Group to provide finance solutions to all our customers who are interested. This can range from deferred payments to no money down and a variety of payment lengths. Contact us today and we will make sure you know all your options.


We love talking CNC and are happy to answer any of your questions!