Designed to Produce More Parts with a Higher Quality at a Lower Cost

Freedom Machine Tool manufactures a variety of 3 axis moving gantry CNC routers. Compatible with a wide variety of high precision components, all designed to further enhance your businesses ability to produce parts. From lifetime technical support to a complete in-house parts department-Freedom Machine Tool has you covered.

CNC Routers

No matter what your application is, Freedom Machine Tool creates a CNC router to fit your needs. Offering tight tolerances and a rigid steel frame designed to produce an accurate cut every time. Our expertise allows us to build you a router with all the custom features needed to take your business from cutting parts and into the next level of production.

Our rigid steel frame and precision motion components means that even our smallest machine (Patriot 4x4) is capable of cutting materials such as aluminum and hardwood with incredible rigidity. Combined with the small footprint of the Patriot 4x4 and you have a versatile, precision based machine that takes up a fraction of the space of similar machines.

The Patriot 4x8 CNC router offers the ability to easily cut sheets of plywood and similarly sized material. Easily load your material on and use our enhanced vacuum system to secure your material down while cutting. Complex motion patterns are made simple with our industrial Fagor control capable of reading more than 100 lines in advance to continually deliver an accurate cut.

If you are looking for a larger machine our Patriot 5x10 CNC router brings a versatile work space while still maintaining a manageable footprint. This CNC router is perfect for production runs as well as large one-offs.

Our largest machine, the Patriot 5x10 Plus CNC router, is available with either 10" or 15" of Z-Axis travel. This allows you to create complex 3D cuts as well as accurately route a wide variety of materials.

If you are looking for a size not listed give us a call at (888) 436-8768 so we can engineer a custom solution for your work space.

Patriot CNC Routers

cnc routers

World class rigidity in an economical footprint

4x8 cnc router package

A great option for routing 4x8 sheets of material

cnc routers

Our standard 4x8 CNC router with an added lathe attachment

cnc router

Rigid steel frame offers both speed and accuracy across multiple materials

CNC Router

10" or 15" of Z axis travel offer extreme versatility to process complex 3D cuts and products

Be sure to check out our Youtube for videos of the FMT in action!

  • Applications

  • Sign Making
  • 3D Carving
  • Architectural Millwork
  • Cabinetry
  • Aerospace
  • Acrylic Applications
  • Materials

  • Aluminum
  • Acrlyic
  • ACM
  • PVC
  • Foam
  • MDF
  • Wood-Soft/Hard
  • Standard Features

  • Absolute Encoders on All Axes
  • Industrial Fagor Control
  • Software with Post Processor
  • All Steel Frame
  • X & Y Axes Laser Calibrated
  • Ball Screw Assembly on All Axes

Return on Investment

A Freedom Machine Tool CNC router is a solid investment that not only delivers the ROI from day one, but continues to pay for itself year after year. We only use the highest quality components in our machines and the results translate directly into your final products.

"Create more parts with a higher quality at a lower cost" Call (888) 436-8768 or email us for more information.