The Freedom Machine Tool gives your business the framework to successfully expand production and produce more parts with a higher quality at a lower cost. We have been building CNC routers for over 35 years and have over 100 years of combined design experience. Every component of the FMT is carefully selected and assembled to deliver a superior product you can count on.

A variety of sizes are available

Are you looking for a turnkey CNC Router solution for creating signage?

Our 4x8 signage package provides you with everything you need to start producing on a high level. Including components such as:

-Powerful HSD Spindle

-4-Zone Vacuum Table with Becker Vacuum Pump

-Dust Collection Delivery System with Grizzly Dust Collector

-Automatic Tool Change Rack & ISO-30 Tool Holders

-Auto Tool Height Sensor

-Fusion 360 Ultimate Software & Post Processor

-Free 2 Day Professional Installation & Training